Sunday, 10 August 2008

Teacher card

Aw my very good friend Nicola-Jane finished work on Friday as she's off to pastures new, training to become a teacher

We had a lovely last day scoffing her home-made cakes and enjoying the delights of "walk in a funny way day" - well done to all those who joined in - shame on you if you didn't - ha ha!

Here's some piccies of the card I made her - its a tri-fold card with a curved top - the decoupaged teacher has lovely auburn hair like my pal (ok, yes, its really ginger!) - with some inspirational teaching quotes lovingly pasted onto pieces of patterned velum and textured paper - topped off with various cute embellishments, a little padded gold heart, a flower button & my fave, the little teeny tiny clothes peg!

So here's wishing you all the very best in your new career Nicola chuck, I know you'll keep me posted how you're getting on babe

...until next time, share what you've learnt with someone who'll appreciate it x

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Libby's Blog

Isn't it wonderful how young and old can now share their talents and thoughts through the amazing world of Blogging!

I just paid another visit to my buddy's at the Craft Forum and just wanted to share this new Blog with you, made by the young daughter of my good friend Nat

Well done Libby, your work is lovely, a crafting artist in the making! Keep up the great work and, most of all, enjoy being creative. It's a lovely road you're on

...until next time, I hope you find the joy of making something for someone you love x

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dear Dad

Well our Dad gave us a bit of a scare on Friday night, whisked away to hospital in an ambulance he was, suffering with chest pains - but after an ECG and various other tests ruled out a heart problem, the doctor thankfully said it was muscular so he was released and sent home

Luckily my niece Tina is a nurse at the same hospital and, although she's finished work recently awaiting the imminent (3 weeks!) arrival of her first baby, she managed to join my brother in law at the hospital so she could help make sure her Grandad was seen to and looked after as quickly as possible

Dad's a very young 80 year old with a health record that a man 20-30 years younger would envy so it was quite a shock at first, followed by relief that he just has to rest and take painkillers then he'll be back to his usual, sprightly self

Here's a piccy of the man himself and his youngest (moi!) at his recent 80th party...

...and a photo of his Take It Easy card we're dropping round when we visit tomorrow night...

...until next time, if you feel the need, take it easy too

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Told you I made a card!

Hee hee, as I just told my crafting pals at, I've made a card at long last so I just gotta show you the evidence...

...yes you guessed it, the recipients a copper so I chose a funny photo of real sleeping policemen - then mounted them onto (no, not horses) a gatefold card with some torn linen papers and used (at long last!) my velvet papers to make the feely-funky-fifty numbers

Hope you like it Les, Happy Birthday!

...until next time, dont fight the law, cos the law wins

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Woo hoo! "Happy Birthday To Me"

42 years ago today little Shaz came into the world, what a momentous occasion that was, did you see it on the news? :)

Hey I'm not a football fan but at least it makes my 1966 birth year a memorable one for lots of people

Well my Bongo got fixed last week, had a new front differential, good as new again now!
And Dad's 80th party was lovely, he was very surprised and I'll show you some piccies very soon.

...until then, take a look at this wonderful card I received in the mail from my very good crafting pal Ruth from Tip Top Toppers she's put my Billy Bongo on, how cool is that! Thanks Ruth lovey x x

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hi there

Hi Blogland! Long time no speak!

Oooh I've had problems in Bongoland the past couple of weeks!

Its similar to Blogland but everything has 4 wheels and 8 seats and guzzles diesel and my particularly lovely Bongo is poorly at the minute - first my tyre went completely flat about half mile down the road and it turned out the valve had gone so it just blew all the air out in one blast! - then we heard very uncomfortable noises and the mechanic says it looks like we need a new wheel bearing and seal

But I'm lucky enough to have a vehicle that has a Fan Club! So I've been visiting the wonderful Bongo Fury and getting a lovely welcome and some great advice from the forum members here so if you're intrigued and fancy looking at what these Bongos are all about, take a look!

And at long last I've done some crafting! Just a card for my neice and for my workpal Nicola BUT my camera is still having to share batteries with my puter mouse so I coudnt take piccies before I had to give the cards out! - maybe I can borrow them back and blog some photos

And I'm due to make an NLP presentation to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council on Wednesday so I'm really looking forward to that, cant wait - hang on, yes I can, cos I need to do the prep work first - 2 more days will come in handy!

Last but far from least, its Stanley's 80th Surprise Birthday this evening so I have his photo cake sat in my kitchen - so I'll steal these mouse batteries when I've said bye bye then I'll be ready to take some snaps this evening and show you

...until next time, whenever that may be, dont forget me and see ya soon! Bye where's that mousey?...

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Chit chat

Hello again, hello...didnt a song start like that once?

Just a quick catch up on what's going on in the Focus on Life world at the minute!

Looking forward to Dad's Surprise 80th Bash on 1 June, cant wait to see his face when he sees his personalised Kaleidescope invitations and matching cake! Watch this space for piccies

But before that, dont forget to pop along and see me on Saturday 24 May at the Craft Fair being held at Falinge Park, Falinge Road in Rochdale. I'll be taking along my framed pictures and also some personalised invitation samples as suggested by my Craft Forum buddies. Be great to see you in person, come say hi!

On the Neuro Linguistic Programming front, I had a meeting last week with a Mental Health Manager from Oldham Borough Council and I'm really pleased to say he's hoping to include my name on a list of approved Practitioners who can be brought in to to do a variety of Workshops for a variety of different audiences with different needs (hey, I'm different too so I'm just the girl for the job!). We're going to start with a presentation to his team quite soon so I'll definitely keep you posted on how that goes

And on the subject of all things cerebrally-related, I'd love to share this further Stress article with you from my friend and colleague Paula Heap of the Life Coaching Practice which is part of our ongoing Health features on Christine's wonderful AboutMyArea website - there's even a quiz for you to take too, give it a try here

...until next time, dont stress out!...or go out!...or freak out! x x